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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Golden Wedding Anniversary

We had a Garden Party yesterday to celebrate our Golden Wedding anniversary (2nd September actually).   The sun shone on us and it was a lovely occasion with 40 or 50 people there in the grounds of Well House.   Many many thanks to Lorna and Alan for making it happen - and to Pat for making it necessary!

A few early pictures:

Well House dressed up for the occasion:

 click pics to enlarge

Cousins Elaine, David and Lorna:

Some of the many fine wines in the marquee:

 I am considering my position on this:

Cousins Tommy and James acting a bit Laurel and Hardy but seemingly in approval of the shrubbery:

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Thunder Dog

Our Border Collie Bess, who worries for Yorkshire, spent much of yesterday huddled under a blanket in anticipation of thunderstorms which did not materialise.

Today, just when we thought the risk was over the heavens opened and Thor let loose.   The mains electricity went off for the statutory 20 minutes and Bess hid behind the toilet in the main bathroom - where there is just room for a Bess.

I went to the roof room to enjoy the spectacle and sheltered by my Faraday cage, felt protected and cosy.

Image courtesy of NASA, not me.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

I Really Should Get Out More

Pat insisted I took this picture and published it on this Blog in shame.

My trusty bike seems to be sprouting leaves in the back of the garage, perhaps for want of use.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Do I Know Pat Rand?

Google + has just e-mailed me asking "Do you know Pat Rand?"   (If so, add her to your circles)

Well it's our Golden Wedding Anniversary on 2nd September.   Concentrates the mind a bit that does.

So, DO I know Pat Rand?

Well, I have replied to Google+ and said yes, I do.   Risky I know.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sunshine jobs

I have been making the most of intermittent sunshine to tackle a job that is long overdue - the installation of a cedar shingle roof onto the summer house.   This was simply covered with roofing felt - effective but not really in keeping with the quality of the building.   Half way there with two of the roof's four slopes done:
 click image to enlarge
 It is already looking rather smart.

Meanwhile things are moving fast on the adjacent site on The Sidings:
From what had been a wilderness of an embankment is emerging a very trendy apartment building.   This is really transforming this end of The Sidings for the better.

The southern end of our roof terrace now sports a sun deck with superb views to the west.   It gets the sun from late morning to sunset.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Two Water Towers at Blea Moor

Had a visit yesterday from Prof Paul Salveson - walking encyclopedia on railways, parliamentary candidate and would-be Mayor of Yorkshire, by gum.

He sent me this picture taken in 1966 from Blea Moor signal box
click to enlarge

The stone building to the right is Blea Moor water tower, much like ours but long since demolished.  Behind and towards the end of the train is another water tower serving the down goods loop.   A reminder of how many such towers there were on the railway system towards the end of the steam era.

A Blea-k picture of a Blea-k place.