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Friday, 12 December 2014

The Loo With a View

Well, here it is at last - the Loo With a View. 
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This is the throne in all its glory.   It is supplied with harvested rainwater, pumped up from the underground tank at very high pressure indeed, despite doubts on that score.   There is rainwater supply for pressure-washer cleaning of the decking and windows. 
 The waste from the sink, the shower and the WC all go to a macerator below the WC then away via a 32mm drain pipe.
 The shower is slightly exposed to view so frosting will be applied to the windows.
I am really rather proud of this do-it-yourself effort.   The cloakroom occupies the otherwise wasted space behind the lift.   Tight but every bit as generous as some hotel en-suites.   As pictured, the cloakroom is open to view as part of the roof room landing.   A room divider screen is provided to fill this gap but has been put aside for the picture.

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