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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Shutters in Place

After three days of work the shutters are installed.   The finishing details are to do after Christmas but we are now effectively double glazed throughout.

This is one of our full length windows in the atrium of the tower.   Ten feet tall by 4 feet wide.   Two internal wooden double glazed shutters cover the iron and glass original windows but are hardly visible as the wood is painted matt black:

And below is one of the windows in the living room:

Still to receive its lockable handles and finishing matt black details down the sides and across the top, scribed to the white walls and top stone.   The wooden floorboards will extend right up to the shutters deep inside the window recess, across the metal grille which will support them.   That extra bit of floor will be thickly insulated as the space below is cold, the existing internal double glazing on the ground floor being flush with the internal walls.

Note the winter weather on the outside glass panes.   Already the temperature in the living room is climbing.

In summer the shutters can be opened into the building making them quite invisible and allowing access for window cleaning.

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