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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Another Perspective - and Unit E

Here is an interesting picture of the tower from Settle Station's overbridge:
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It shows how the tank's colours stand out in the landscape and the interesting array of verticals nearby - two flagpoles, a telegraph pole and two mobile telephone masts.   If you half close your eyes the roof room disappears.

Of current intest though is the industrial building in front of the tower, with the prominent letter E on its right end.   This is Unit E - quite elegantly shaped as these things go.   It has had mentions earlier in this Blog.

The Friends of the Settle-Carlisle Line (FoSCL) are in process of taking on the lease of this large building right by Settle station.   It will provide much needed office space, storage and workshop facilities - all in just the right place.

(Photo credit Rosser1954)

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