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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Settle International

Many visitors admire the two storey extension at the back of the tower and some comment on the style of architecture, reminiscent of the sort of thing seen at airport terminals.

No coincidence that.   Our architect, Stuart Green's firm Commercial Systems International of Hull are very much involved with airport buildings.   Just for fun, a sign in our kitchen window takes up the theme:

This lightens the rather bland look of that aspect of the annex.   It might have been much more exciting had not our overlooked neighbours been so insistent on keeping it bland on that side.   Their loss.

Just how big a loss is emphasised by CSi's recent project for the huge sculpture in London Heathrow's Terminal 2 which emphasises CSi's incredible range and skills.


When you open the link, click on the video especially.  Our main link person at CSi was Maarten Kleinhout who appears on the video - and fleetingly on our episode of Restoration Man.

Weren't we lucky  that Stuart Green was our architect and that CSi designed and made the modern components of our tower?

I think it fair to say that neither we, nor the local planners fully appreciated the skills and abilities that were being applied to our project.

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