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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Pannal Tower Visit

This afternoon we visited Maj and Carol Nadry at their stunning Pannal water tower restoration, near Harrogate:
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We were again able to listen, learn and share experiences.   Their project is very well advanced but is on hold right now bcause of planning problems - hopefully soon to be resolved.

Their tower is weather proof with stunning new windows and a room in the tank:
The insides of the cast iron tank plates were foam sprayed by the same foam spray wizard who did ours.   The entire tank is roofed and cosy.   The view from their hilltop location is incredible.   On the floor below the tank there was an unwelcome surprise - the steel girders supporting the tank had corroded badly  at the ends and the costly solution was masses of new steel supports below the original girders:

On the ground floor there are three deep wells which supplied the water.   Well, well, well.
Two have been capped but the third will become a novel feature, 130 feet deep, lit and topped with walk-on glass:

The intrepid George Clarke has been down there and brought up a sample of the water from the very bottom.   If it is OK on analysis the Nadrys may well (sorry) have the best water supply in Harrogate.   At the least it could become a secondary water suppy - much as our harvested rainwater.

Although on a hilltop location the Pannal tower is surrounded by tall trees and is exceptionally well (sorry again) camouflaged.  

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