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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Keeping Up Appearances

This place is lovely but it, like anywhere else, begins to lose that new look after a while.   In particular the very large windows, the metal cladding of the annex and the stone pathways were letting the place down.
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A friend had just bought a Karcher K4 Eco pressure washer and was having trouble assembling it.   She brought it along.   I applied the time-honoured RTFM * management technique and it worked a treat.

I have had pressure washers before and they have had their drawbacks - on very high pressure with a narrow jet of water they tended to create stripes of ultra-clean areas which spoilt things rather.   If mains water pressure was insufficient the motor would cut out.

This machine seems to be a whole leap forwards on both fronts (unlike Pot Noodles!).   One of the three lances spins the jet of water and a high speed rotating vortex of water missiles does an amazing job.   Our outside taps are supplied from the rainwater harvesting tank at quite low pressure but the Karcher copes - indeed it would simply suck up water from the underground tank if needed.

It uses little water (hence the Eco bit) and as ours is untreated pure rainwater it cleans the windows with water only leaving them window-cleaner-clean.

* RTFM  =  Read The F---ing Manual

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