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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

On in the US of A

 Ages ago we were filmed by a TV crew from Dallas, Texas for a TV show called 'You Live in What?'  Herinafter YLIW?
click to enlarge, but it's quite big enough already I reckon

It was to have been shown on Homes and Gardens TV Channel in the US.   Hereinafter HGTV.

Yesterday, we heard from the film producers AMS Pictures (hereinafter AMS) that YLIW would be shown on Great American Country TV channel.   Hereinafter GACTV.

Got it?

GACTV is part of HGTV I believe.  See
 if you can stand the pace.

Not only that we now have a PROVISIONAL transmission date of 19th September.   Looking at the blurb for earlier programmes with definite dates it seems likely that there will be repeats in the days after first transmission.   See
for the link to the first programme in the series.   Maybe our American viewers * can watch it and let us know if we should run for cover on 19th September.

*  Looking at this Blog's audience statistics I see we had more page-views in the USA last week than from the UK.   Curious that.

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