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Thursday, 3 July 2014

Meet Isambard

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Settle's Flowerpot Festival has caught on in a very big way indeed.   The few businesses that do not have flower pot men are at distinct risk of being seen as spoil sports and of being named and shamed.   As well as Ian the FPM (covered previously) the water tower now has Isambard (a pro-tem name only).   Isambard sports a very trendy Network Rail hi-vis jacket (from an undisclosed supplier), a flower pot hat, not unlike THE Isambard's stove-pipe hat, topped with a Settle-Carlisle hard hat to satisfy the elf n' safety police.   Isambard takes advantage of the humanoid elements of our water crane.

It is great to see people coming up the station drive and dissolving into fits of laughter, then photographing him.

Our dentist Dr Dundas commented that his teeth needed attention, in her opinion.

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