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Friday, 4 July 2014

A Surprise Donation from the GMB Union

In the absence of the key we (me and the FoSCL treasurer) cut the lock off the milk churn with a slot in the top which has been standing by our visitors book since before we moved in and is there to raise money for good works on the Settle-Carlisle line.   There were some hundreds of pounds in there - all safely banked by said FoSCL treasurer.   Thank you to all who have donated - sometimes very generously - after their trip round the tower.

The bank wouldn't take the item above - the precise thickness and diameter as a £1 coin.   It bears the letters GMB, some 0121 telephone numbers and 'Birmingham City Council'.   The Brummy branch of the General, Municipal and Boilermakers Union presumably.   Well, the thought was there(?).

Thank you, Brother.

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