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Tuesday, 17 June 2014


I am perhaps half way through painting the outsides of the cast iron window frames - an awesome job about which I have been procrastinating.   Each window has 40 panes and there are five of them.   So, 200 panes of glass, each with four sides = 800 sides.   Oh, yes, then there's the insides.  Ye Gods, that's 1600.

Here I am hard at it applying aluminium primer:
click to enlarge

Since Ken Philcox took this picture common sense has kicked in and I wear a harness connected to a rope from the top of the tower.   I saw a TV programme recently where the London air ambulance people were saying that any fall from more than 12 feet is treated as potentially fatal.   The windows themselves are ten feet tall.

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  1. Oh yes - each window get three coats - that is 4,800 sides.


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