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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Where's the 1259 to Carlisle?

Coach party of 50 or so turned up at Settle station for the 1259 to Carlisle.   Coach driver left them with a cheery 'see you in Carlisle'.

Just one problem.   There ISN'T a 1259 from Settle on a Sunday - or any other day for that matter.   There IS a 1259 from Carlisle to Settle.   Next train from Settle to Carlisle was 1450.  

Paul Brown, Northern's man at Settle station did what he could to entertain a none too pleased group of passengers for two hours.   He opened up the signal box for people to pull the levers and ring the bells and we opened up the water tower grounds for people to explore.   Settle eateries will have done well too.

If anybody wants a job as a coach driver I think I know where there may be a vacancy.

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