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Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Moon IS Made of Wensleydale Cheese

Went to Carlisle today giving commentaries to two groups of 50 each.   The northbound group were from the West Midlands and posed few problems though there were some language difficulties.

The southbound group were from Cheshire - the U3A group of Alsager.  As we passed Wensleydale I quipped that this was the home of Wensleydale cheese and, as everybody knows, the moon is made of the stuff.   There was a collective howl of protest.   "No!" they protested.  " The moon is made of Cheshire Cheese".

Please see the above picture clearly showing Wallace and Gromit having a picnic on the moon from which it can be seen quite clearly that the moon is made of cheese which they, as expert witnesses, have clearly declared to be Wensleydale.   It was tested in situ:

Let us have no more of this heretical nonsense about Cheshire cheese.   It is Wensleydale.

Game set and match I think.

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