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Friday, 20 June 2014

Restoration Man Sound Man on the Train

Today I was commentating to a group of coach passengers on the 1348 to Carlisle.   We did not occupy the whole carriage so there were other passengers with us.   My normal tactic, before delivering my amplifiied commentary, is to say to everybody that I do not want to disturb anybody's sleep / Sudoku / or generally spoil their day.

To my delight, among the passengers was David Ferguson - one of the Restoration Man sound men.   David is a lovely chap, as were all of the RM team, and it was a real pleasure to meet him again.   He still works on Restoration Man and promised to give my best wishes to his colleagues.

When you are being filmed and sound recorded over such a long period your guard drops.   You do and say some daft things, hoping that it will work out for the best and the rubbish will end up on the cutting room floor.   Happily for us, it did - thanks to very professional, compassionate and thoroughly nice people like David.

It was such a thrill that he was sufficiently taken with the S&C to come and se it for himself at leisure.   And it was a glorious summers day too.

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