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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Langcliffe Hall Open Gardens, Gladys and a Gaffe

Took Gladys Emmanuel to local seriously posh house Langcliffe Hall whose gardens and grounds were open to the public.  Gladys behaved, not backfiring once and dropping very little oil on the crunchy gravel:
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Right good do; a very English occasion, tea, cakes, vicars and ending in rain.

The gaffe?   The raffle table was being manned (personed?) by Mike Harding's wife Pat.   Among the prizes was a trip out in Gladys Emmanuel - just my luck to win that one!  

Another raffle prize was a book entitled 'A Guide to North Country Flies and How to Tie Them'.   Looking no further than the title I told Pat Harding I hoped I didn't win that one.   'I know the author very well' she replied frostily.

Let me introduce you to 'A Guide to North Country Flies and How to Tie Them
 - by Mike Harding

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