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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Gaffe Forgiven

click to enlarge the gaffe

Driving along in Gladys Emanuel this afternoon, approaching Langcliffe I spotted Pat Harding (see previous entry about my gaffe).   I stopped out of shame and offered her a lift by way of atonement.   Turned out she was headed for Langcliffe Village Institute to have a genteel afternoon tea.   That was my intended destination too.  Langcliffe does these splendid teas throughout the summer and raises a lot of money for local good things and I had thought I would give it a try.

To my relief Pat leapt at the opportunity and we went and had tea together - no doubt setting tongues wagging in Langcliffe (where it doesn't take much, they say).   Gladys Emmanuel is hardly the car for a quite bit of how's-yer-father.

We had a good laugh about my lack of enthusiasm for tying fish flies.   She even paid for our teas and life threateningly good cakes so delighted was she with the ride and its potential for rumour-mongering.   I am forgiven - not that I was in deep bother really.

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