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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

A Ride on the S&C for Ted Higham

Ted Higham is 91 years young but last year he had the misfortune to trip on a step at Settle station and fall.
He suffered a fractured wrist and cuts to the head which required stitching - expertly done at Settle surgery by Dr Clare Littlejohn before he was taken to Airedale Hospital.   Settle's remoteness means that its GP surgery acts as quite a casualty clearing station.   Poor Ted was unable to fulfil a lifetime ambition to ride on the S&C.

Northern, on hearing of this had no hesitation in offering Ted a free trip on the line when he was fit enough to do so.

Today was the day and Ted got the VIP treatment - free tickets for himself and his carer-for-the-day / son-in-law Peter Booth and as much tea or coffeee as they could drink from the refreshment trolley.   I accompanied them for part of their journey to point out the sights Ted missed when he fell.

Here, after a treat of a lifetime are, from the left, Ted, Pat, Peter and his wife, Ted's daughter Julia.   Peter incidentally was a professional cricketer - a pace bowler for Leicestershire and England in his time and later a teacher.

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Ted MBE used to be chairman of the Magistrates bench in Mansfield.   He well remembers the Miners Strike times in Nottinghamshire.   I was in charge of the West Yorkshire contingent of police at Mansfield colliery when Ted was sitting into the small hours dealing with cases.   Small world.

Altogether a joyful day.   Well done Ted, well done Northern and the Dev Co's trolley staff.

Ted Higham is one of those people it is a privilege to know.

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