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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Train Track in the Tank Revealed

There has been no mention of the following on this Blog in order to keep it a surprise for grandchildren James and Ben who arrived here today.

For the past few weeks the Best Grandpa in the World has been building a railway track all round the inside of the tank.   00 gauge and 144 feet long.   Please understand this is for James and Ben - not for BGitW himself.  Ahem.  The track runs on a 4" wide shelf right round the tank.

Here we see James (9) showing Ben (5) how things are done.
 click to enlarge
BGitW has been giving E-bay some hammer for track and our first locomotive - Flying Scotsman.   The controller came from Settle's Saturday car boot sale.   Lo and behold, everything worked first time.  The entire 144 feet of track was powered from a single pair of inputs, showing astonishingly good electrical connectivity between the dozens of track sections.   Nonetheless BGitW will run bus wires below the track and connect each track section to them via drop wires.

Enough of such techno twaddle.   Main thing is that two little boys think BGitW is wonderful.

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