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Friday, 16 May 2014

Australia Calling

A busy day with visitors today - all from Australia.

1. A very nice chap came to the door this morning whilst I was still in my pyjamas.   He had seen the Restoration Man programmes in Australia and was determined to see the two buildings that fascinated him the  most - the Crinan Ferry Ice House and our Settle Water Tower.   He had 'done' the ice house so here he was!

2.  Later I was sitting in the sunshine reading the paper when a vaguely familiar voice called out "Hello Mr Rand".   Former PC Martin Stow and his wife Sue had forsaken Bradford for Australia 27 years ago (must've been mad).   They too had seen us on Restoration Man and have been following this Blog.   The lift came in handy and we had a very pleasant chin-wag on top of the tower in glorious sunshine with a wind-speed of zero.

3.  To cap it all, fellow on-train-guide Alan Glover arrived from Carlisle on the 1330 with an entire coach load of Australians, many of whom had also seen Restoration man.   They hit the cafes and restaurants of Settle for their lunch but not before having a look around.

The visitors book today has a distinctly Antipodean feel to it!

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