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Sunday, 11 May 2014

A Stunning Picture of a Spinner

A welcome surprise visitor today was David Moorehouse - a retired West Yorkshire fireman and a one-time locomotive fireman.   David used to work out of London St Pancras - the southern terminus of the Midland Railway.
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David had brought with him this lovely original painting by renowned railway artist Alan Fearnley.  It shows a Midland Railway 'spinner' locomotive at St Pancras, about to depart with a train typical of those which would have gone to Scotland via the S&C in the early days of the line.

The 'spinners' were an SW Johnson design - so called because their massive single driving wheels were prone to spinning when under starting loads.   Johnson it was whose signature is on the plans of our water tower.

Alan Fearnley is right up there among the very best railway artists and it was a privilege to be in the presence of the picture, right here in our home.

I have David's permission to use his picture on this Blog, for others to see and enjoy.

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