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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Growing Old is Inevitable: Growing Up is Optional

Went to Carlisle today and three experiences underlined anno domini.

First, I had my eyes tested.  20:20 perfect (with glasses) and no change since last time - good.

Next, on SWMBO's orders I had my hearing tested.   This followed a number of "You don't listen, that's half your trouble" incidents.   Besides wondering what the other half of 'my trouble' is I agreed to a hearing test.   To my delight my hearing is perfect, with a slight dip in the range of listening to consonants.   Ball back in SWMBO's court to speak more clearly.   The day was getting even better.

Finally, I treated myself to a pair of decent secateurs:
The lady at the check-out at TKMaxx looked at the secateurs, then at me.   "Are your eighteen?" she demanded to know.   I could have kissed her.   My day was complete.

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