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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Chain Gang

 Craven Council's Leader, Cllr Donny Whaites (centre in the group below) asked us ages ago if he could bring along his counterparts from all over York and North Yorkshire - in other words the chain gang.   Today was the day.   I have never seen so much gold and big black cars at Settle Station before.

The S&C trolley staff plied them with coffee.   They visited the signal box, pulled the levers and rang the bells.   Then they toured the water tower before gliding off to the Craven Arms for lunch.

 click to enlarge images
Wild horses will not drag from me what I said to the assembled group on the water tower steps to get them to smile.
They were a jolly bunch of people who seemed appreciative.   We were really quite chuffed that given the entire district to pick from, Donny Whaites chose Settle Station, its signal box and water tower as the things he wanted to show off.

What IS the collective noun for Council Leaders incidentally?

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