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Monday, 24 March 2014

It ISN'T Raining in Settle

Our rooftop weather station has been unduly pessimistic this perfect Spring day.   Despite a clear blue sky it was showing rain today.   Not a lot but enough to produce a reaction from a follower via MyLocalWeather.

When rain falls it is collected in a funnel from which it drips onto a sensor a bit like a see-saw.   The hole at the bottom of the funnel is quite small and therefore vulnerable to blockage, despite a filter / grid above it.

A while ago it was collared doves building a nest.   Not this time though;  it was gunge in the hole partly blocking it and allowing a drip to come through from time to time.   Above the blockage was a couple of inches of water.  

It is now fixed.   Have a look at  Settle Weather Station but ignore the apparent downpour at about 1710 today!

The beauty of the Settle Weather Station being on the water tower is that it is high enough up to get the weather but it is easily accessible without risk.   That is more than could be said for the identical apparatus at Ribblehead Weather Station which used to be strapped to a chimney on the railway station roof.   Ribblehead Station roof is no fun when it is blowing a gale and the battery needs changing.   We recently moved it to nearer ground level, in Network Rail's secure yard.

It is often interesting to compare the real time readings of Settle and Ribblehead weather stations.   It makes Settle's weather seem comparatively er, settled.

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