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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Whoosh - the Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express

Late yesterday afternoon, Settle station almost deserted:

The Winter Cumbrian Mountain Express at Settle

The nation's appetite for steam seems insatiable.

In passing, during the horrendous flooding, storms and hurricane force winds the S&C has run almost like clockwork.   At times it has been the only available rail route between England and Scotland.   WHAT a good job it wasn't closed.

If you are going from Leeds to Glasgow the S&C:
- is as quick as the East or West Coast routes, sometimes quicker
- is 60 % cheaper (Which? magazine, January 2014)
- is spectacular
- is not prone to overhead wires getting tied up in knots
- and doesn't flood

What more could anybody want?

How odd then that the National Rail Enquiry website does not offer it as an option - until you dig deeper and ask it to show 'slower trains and alternative routes'.

Spread the word they still don't want you to hear.

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