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Monday, 10 February 2014

Surrounded by Wow Sound

We've done it.   Fitted a surround sound system in our main room - with some difficulty!

We had been wired for speakers but the wires led to a cupboard downstairs.   Yet the box of tricks, a Yamaha 3066 if you revel in such detail, has a display on the front which gives important information so you need to be able to see it.

Also the Infra Red remote technology would not work for us.

The same cupboard was where our satellite aerial leads ended so we were satellite-less where we needed it.

I reverted to low technology and have run wires from the cupboard downstairs to the TV etc upstairs.   You live and learn.

Anyway, everything now works.

That cannot be said for the LED light bulbs, which continue to fail (two in the past week).   Like many people who have fallen for the LED sales pitch I have a box full of halogen bulbs and propose to fit them as the LEDs fail.   It will be cheaper by far.    The LEDs that keep failing are Kosnic 5W GU10s.   They cost £9.60 each and have a claimed life of 30,000 hours.   Mmmmmm.


  1. Should be possible to put your Yamaha and sat box out of sight in a cupboard. If you switch all video via HDMI on the Yamaha then one would have thought all settings should be available via on-screen display.

    1. Thanks for that but we shall leave it as it now is. All the (nowadays black) boxes of tricks are right below the TV and blink reassuringly back at us when we zap them!


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