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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Radox, Wi-Fi and Rum-Te-Tum

Sunday mornings are special for Pat.   She loves to soak in the bath and listen to The Archers on Radio 4.   Or she did until we moved into this future proof house with no radio signal in the bathroom.

But now we have by-passed the future and installed the dogs danglies of a Wi-Fi router, thanks to Father Christmas and son-in-law Alan:
Gadgets now work all over the place - the Wi-Fi signal even reaches into the water tank - and into the bathroom.   Pat and the omnibus edition of The Archers are re-united on Sunday mornings.   Mother-in-law is happy once more.


Now, this is not another rant about wires.   Recent posts prompted a Friday evening visit from electrician Jonathan Mounsey - very concerned about wires and LEDs.   Our wires are to be demystified, labeled and connected to Freesat tomorrow.   That's service.   Watch this space.

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