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Monday, 13 January 2014

Honda Mechanics as TV Stars

Our car is a fairly old (03)Honda Jazz which I took to Clitheroe today for a manufacturers recall to be done.   It has only done 28,000 miles so is in its prime.   The recall was for replacement of the electric windows switch as it is a fire risk.   It took an hour and I had a very pleasant stroll round this very pleasant town, and a most excellent full English breakfast for £3.   That's value.

When I collected the car I was told it needed further attention but it would take more time than I could spare today.   As part of the Honda service they had made a short video of what needed doing.   I was able to see it there and then and they have e-mailed it to me.   You can see it too:

I am a capable sort of chap and shall fix both the identified problems myself - and save myself £95 in the process.   Even so, I think this is a jolly good initiative on Honda's part.   It is still being evaluated.

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