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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

A Trip to Carlisle

Did my weekly On Train Guide stint today on the 0950 from Settle, bouncing off the buffers as the 1155 from Carlisle.   Val was on the trolley and Mr Singh was the conductor.   A perfect combination,   Two people, perfectly  cast in their roles - plus me.   Relatively few passengers; winter after all.   Between us we served them to the utmost.   Their trip on the Worlds Greatest Railway Journey passed some of them by but was relished by others.   For some it was just A to B, earphones and i-pads, sleep or Sudoko.   For those who were with it there was the experience of a lifetime.

There was snow on the tops of the Pennines and the Lake District hills.   A pheasant raced us at one stage.

An American lady who had travelled the World was enthralled and appreciative.

I do hope that Britain, which so nearly lost this gem, never - ever - puts it at risk again.

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