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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Cosy and Trendily Lit

  A surprising number of people have asked us if the place is warm enough.   The answer is now a very definite yes.   Last winter the underfloor heating in the main room did not work but that was fixed over the summer and the room is now comfortably warm.   In the modern parts of the house we simply do not use the underfloor heating otherwise the place would be too hot.
The main room is a problem space - large, very high and by modern standards lacking insulation.   This is part of the answer - the (now repositioned) Esse flueless gas fire enables us to warm one cosy corner of the room intensively as-and-when required.

One of the downsides of installing the lift was that it slightly compromised the illusion of the floating flying staircase.   Here is one solution - the installation of a 5 metre long LED strip in the space between the staircase and the wall.   This makes it quite clear that the staircase stands clear of the wall as well as illuminating the stairs for safety.

LED lights, as bulbs or as ribbons are revolutionising lighting.   We have exploited them to good effect in the now decorated atrium - see the next posting.

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