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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Painting the Atrium

    This is a job I have been putting off for two years.   My excuse is that water was coming in between the base of the water tank and the stone wall below it so the inner wall was damp.   The hot summer enabled Peter Bennett and me to see to the problem so the excuse, along with the water, evaporated.

   Another factor was the sheer awkwardness of gaining access to the ceiling in order to paint it.   The introduction of the 'George Stairs' (sorry George) meant there was no room for a scaffolding tower so I have had to use a very long and heavy ladder that stretches the height of the tower but on the inside.

Picture 1 shows the south east corner of the tower with the tank's overflow pipe now painted in Midland Railway colours, like the tank itself.

The browny yellow to the right of the ceiling is the sprayed-on insulation foam which stops condensation forming on the iron tank and girders.   It yellows over time.

Picture 2 shows the other corner, with the much larger main outlet pipe and its still bare, grimy stone walls.   All this stone is being whitened (as it has been in the past) which is brightening that end up dramatically.   The big pipe will also be green, red and cream.   Five Watt LED floodlights between the ends of the girders will finish things and make that end harmonise with the rest of the building.

About another week should see the job done, which will be a big relief.

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