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Friday, 2 August 2013

Do NOT Read This if You are of Delicate Disposition

Slightly off topic but justified because our daughter Lorna and family are visiting the Water Tower for a few days.

Lorna confessed over lunch that she had nearly crashed her car when approaching Settle this morning.

James, 8 and our beloved grandson suddenly announced "Mummy, I know what the real name for front bottoms is".

Regaining control, Lorna said, "Really James, what is it then?"

She was mightily relieved when James announced that the Sunday best name for front bottoms was vagina.

Lorna:   "How do you know that James?"

James:   "It's in the dictionary".   "William from school showed me"

Lorna (who is very careful about things like dictionaries around the house):  "Which dictionary was that James?"

James, quick as a flash,  "The one at school.   It's on page 322, column 3, line 2"

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