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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Cats and Dogs

This is Purrcy the cat.   After an altercation with son-in-law's seriously large black Labrador Gunner (below) the cooking fat went missing on 6th August.   Despite much calling, posting of missing cat notices and Facebook appeals Purrcy strolled back three weeks later - flea ridden, thinner but glad to be home.   He has done a lot of sleeping and purring since.

Gunner the Labrador, the cause of the cat's disappearance, was sent to the Langliffe kennels to reflect on the meaning of life and to sort out his cano-feline relationships.   He and the cat are both at the water tower and are receiving counselling.

Gunner has been told that if he behaves we might remove the poncey yellow flower and purple ribbon from round his neck - placed there by Lancliffe Kennels as part of their 'think holiday camp, not prison' initiatives.  The flower is doing nothing for Gunner's street credibility but it is probably giving the cat some degree of comfort and amusement. 
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