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Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Nothing serious (as it turns out) but I went to Airedale Hospital as an out patient today on an urgent GP referral.   As these things go is was a totally pleasurable experience.

There were two highlights:
1)   I discovered I was the consultant's very first patient in her role as consultant.   Somebody has to be.     Jolly good she was too.
2)   A sample of my blood was taken painlessly.   When having such procedures you are never quite sure where to look.   The nearest thing to me was the needle lady's name badge.   It read Airedale NHS Hospital Trust  - Lynne Sunshine.   I could not resist asking if she was born a Sunshine or if she had married one.   She told me she had married one, for a while - but had decided to keep the name.   She went on to reveal that a fellow Airedale blood extractor had the surname Fog.   They were, of course, called the Weather Girls.

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