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Saturday, 29 June 2013

How to Build a Wagon

Among the followers of this Blog is Keighley and Worth Valley Railway stalwart Eric Rawcliffe.   Having seen the dire state of part of our wagon's chassis Eric took pity and e-mailed me the following link:

It is an extract from 'The Proceedings of the Elsie Wright Appreciation Society'.   It does not sound at all likely as a source of help in this instance does it?

In fact it contains a detailed account of how they built these wooden wagons back in the 1930s, written by Albert Wright in 2003.   Born in 1918, Albert Wright worked in the wagon works of SE Stevens in Doncaster from 1934 to the outbreak or the Second World War.   Accompanied by diagrams, the seven page account details how he and his mate could build a wooden wagon in three days - in what order things were done, how they cut every mortise and tenon, what wood they used and the sizes of things down to the last fraction of an inch.

What a timely piece of information!

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