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Friday, 28 June 2013

Buffers Removed

     Dismantling continues.   Here we see the pair of buffers from the southern end of the wagon lying on the ground.   Notice the mighty great coil spring lying below the wagon.   Each buffer had one of these behind it.

The metal parts of the buffers are so massive they have hardly rusted and should scrub up nicely.

The iron brackets between the wooden chassis members are badly rusted but for our purposes will probably do.   The near corner of the wagon is in a bad state because of rot and rust and is in need of a lot of attention.

The third picture shows the completely rotted ends of the main inner cross member.   The newer piece of wood was a temporary repair but we shall dispense with that and replace the cross member entirely.   This will mean removing all the chassis components at the southern end of the wagon in order to remove and replace that cross member but we shall know then that the chassis is sound and square once more.
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