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Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Visit from Driver Graham

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One of the delights of living at the water tower is the opportunity to meet such interesting people who come to see the place.   None more so than those who worked on the Settle-Carlisle line in steam days.   Meet Ian Graham who brought along two consignment labels for the good truck.   Not only that, he brought with him a superb photograph of himself, then aged 24, as an exhausted fireman on an 8F steam locomotive 48708as it neared Ais Gill Summit on 26th June 1960 with a heavy load on anhydrite from Long Meg, bound for Widnes.

You can just make out young Ian leaning out of the cab taking a breather having fired this powerful locomotive up the Long Drag.   He told me how relieved they were to reach Ais Gill and a well earned rest for a while.   Ian became a driver working out of Kingmoor at Carlisle

The consignment label will eventually take its place on the restored wagon:
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