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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Views on a Late Spring Day

The sun has shone from dawn until dusk today and that is remarkable enough to record for posterity.   The first picture shows Castleburgh Crag - Settle's dramatic backdrop - with Attermire Scar behind it.  This is among the best limestone scenery in the World and we are immensely privileged to be able to have such a view of it from the tower.
The picture was taken about 7pm.   If you look closely you can just see a rock climber nearing the top of the climb up Castleburgh - just below the base of the flagpole. 

A bit further to the north is the limestone scenery between Settle and Langcliffe with Settle's roof-tops below.

About twelve hours previously, around 7am this is the view of Settle Station with plenty of empty spaces in the car park.   Later in the day - a bank holiday Saturday - the place was incredibly busy.   The trains were so crowded they stopped selling tickets at Settle.   One coach party simply could not get onto their booked train.   What is going wrong with Britain's railways?   The passengers are there but the capacity to cope with them is not - at least on the Settle-Carlisle line.
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  2. Hello Mark,
    We have just returned from a weekend in Settle with our friends. My husband was a very keen trainspotter in his youth and as we had all watched the programme about the water tower we headed for the station to have a look. We were so surprised at actually seeing you that my husband got a bit carried away and shouted something about Kevin McCloud. We were mortified when you shouted back that it was the wrong programme!
    Of course we all then realised that it was George Clarke who had presented the programme. Many apologies for our mistake!

    If we had have had the opportunity to speak to you we would have told you what a magnificent job we think that you and your wife have made of the water tower. It is wonderful to see old and new working so well together. Thank goodness that we have people like you who actually do so much to preserve our heritage for future generations. Long may you and your wife enjoy living there.

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