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Monday, 20 May 2013

Today's the Day the Teddy Bears Have their Pics Clicked

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  We get a constant stream of people taking photographs of the tower - and are delighted that so many are interested enough to do so.   Just when you think you have seen it all a surprise comes along.

As the crowds getting off today's 1630 from Carlisle had dispersed I was pottering in the garage when I caught a glimpse of a lady of mature years looking furtively up and down the station drive.   Now I didn't get my police pension without doing the odd bit of surveillance- and knowing when somebody is being furtive.   I took cover.   Satisfied, wrongly, that nobody was watching she produced from behind her back a rather scruffy Teddy bear and placed him carefully on top of the 'Welcome to the Settle-Carlisle Railway' sign.   Still checking for witnesses she went to the far side of the station drive and took a photograph of the tower, the sign and the Teddy.

Regretting the lack of a camera myself I broke cover and confronted her.  Slightly red faced she explained that the bear was not hers but belonged to her family.   It went everywhere with them and was photographed wherever they went.   They had been on the railway today and this was proof.   What a charming idea.   We had a good laugh about it and off she, and Teddy, went.

The picture shows Pat recreating the scene with her lifelong friend 'Teddy' - a bear who lost his fur, his eyes and his squeak during Pat's creative phase.   Whenever I see her with a pair of scissors I instinctively protect my squeak

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