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Wednesday, 22 May 2013


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One of our biggest regrets in this project was the need to remove some important elaments of the tower's original fabric - five tank base plates and a 10 feet by 4 feet cast iron window frame.  Had we been allowed to put our stairway and lift shaft outside the tower we could have avoided these costly and destructive removals.   Despite all the planning conditions imposed on us we were not required to keep these items on site.  We could have weighed them in as scrap.   To be fair, the perceived need to avoid overlooking a neighbouring garden over-rode the conservation elements in this instance.

The tank base plates have been used as flooring in the driveway to the garage.   That only left the 10 x 4 window frame .   We had stored it out of harm's way at the top of the knoll at the Station Road end of the site.   What to do with the knoll generally was a problem.   It is a prominent feature in itself and enjoys full sun from noon until sunset.

The collage shows our solution - a small plateau dressed with limestone chippings provides a levelbase for a garden bench type table.   Alongside and slightly lower the window frame has been placed vertically.   Securely but unobtrusively guyed by four 4mm stainless steel ropes and barrel bolts it now forms a vertical lattice up which will grow clematis.   A huge, heavy but pleasing climbing frame.
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