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Monday, 8 April 2013

Buffers moved by Old Buffers

  Spring sprung over the weekend, briefly one suspects, but long enough for some heroic track work to be done at the water tower.   In preparation for the troublesome truck's arrival we needed to move the immensely heavy buffers sideways about 6 feet and backwards seven feet.

No problem if you have a crane but tricky if man-handling old-style.  We (me and the Summer Wine Gang from the signal box) made it.

Here we are, knackered but unbowed posing in front of the moved track and  buffers.

Left to right are Robin Benzie, Mike Pryal, me, Robin Corbett and Bob Swallow.

No method statements, risk assessments or i-pads were harmed during this operation.

Click image to enlarge - but it is not recommended
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  1. Great work lads, where would the world be without dedicated volunteers like you? Say hello to Robin for me. All power to the elbows. Regards ,Brian Russell.


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