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Monday, 4 March 2013

This Spring Weather

Our very odd home has hidden benefits.   Heavily insulated in parts, un-insulated in others and bristling with eco-gadgets and monitoring systems makes you face up to what the weather is doing - for good or ill.

Either through personal choice or regulatory requirements we now have:
- solar photo-voltaic panels
- massively thick roof insulation on the annex
- radon barriers under the ground floors
- rainwater harvesting
- low energy LED lighting
- high efficiency domestic appliances
- condensing gas boiler
- heat recovery ventilation
- high thermal efficiency window glass
- a bicycle
- a dog

With all this you tend to look at the fuel bills to see if it is worth it.   Because some things have only just been fitted we cannot yet come to any conclusions - but we shall.

We also have our roof mounted weather station which we discover is viewed daily by many local people.   Today, it tells me that it has not recorded any rain for the past seventeen days.   Does that ring any bells?    Remember what happened when the heavens eventually opened last year!

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