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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Storm force from the East and hot coffee for the snow plough driver

The weather station has recorded its strongest gust since its installation on the water tower.

57.6 mph at 1136 today, from a direction of 107 degrees.   That is storm force, more or less from the East.   For Settle, that is cold.

The railway has been closed at times over the weekend because of drifting snow.   Scheduled track works today have been shortened and snow ploughs are out again today on the line.

Pat deals with the 'contact us' messages on the Friends of the S&C website.   Yesterday she received this heart warming message from one of the heroes battling to keep the line open:

"I would just like to express my gratitude to your staff at Appleby today. Having been called at short notice to operate a snow clearing engine at Blea Moor with members of the p way staff. We were really grateful for the flask of coffee and biscuits provided as we battled to keep the line open for network rail. It restores your faith in people's kindness and left me speechless. I will be singing your praises to my bosses this week and hopefully I can repay this act of kindness!! Thanks again Willy"

(To give credit where due, the coffee will have come from the S&C Development Company's Appleby kitchen that normally services the trolleys for the S&C's the passenger trains)

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