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Saturday, 23 March 2013

On Telly in New Zealand

We were on telly in New Zealand last evening at 9.30pm.   Well, it was 9.30pm there.   We know because of the e-mails we have had from down under.   One was from David Cuthbert who wrote:

"Congratulations to everyone involved for such a fantastically interesting programme. We haven't been able to establish how the water got into the tank on top of the building in the first place - did it get piped and pumped from the nearby hills? If someone had time to answer this - perhaps on the blog? - I would really appreciate it."

Thank you David.   Glad you enjoyed the programme and that it travelled well.   The water got to the top of the building by gravity.   The source was a few miles up the line at Stainforth which is a hundred or so feet higher in altitude.   It came via cast iron pipes at the side of the railway line then via a valve in a manhole alongside the tower, up a pipe inside the tower and then into the tank via a float valve.   All that pipework is still in place.   No pumping was involved.   One day I shall pluck up courage and turn the big valve in the manhole and see what happens.

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