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Monday, 11 February 2013

Solar Panels

When we applied for planning permission and listed building consent for what has turned out to be the navvy hut we included permissions for solar panels on the south facing side of the roof.   This part of the roof, besides being ideally orientated for the sun is just about invisible from public view, being hidden by the neighbouring industrial unit.   Solar panels were therefore approved.

We got surveys and quotes done and everybody agreed that the roof would take sixteen solar panels - and should produce 4 kilowatts of power - quite a bonus.   The price however was steeper than the slope of the roof.   Having tried the solar panel specialists I asked local electrican Jonathan Mounsey, whose firm had wired the water tower and the three-phase electricity to the navvy hut.   The three phase supply would carry the solar generated electricity from right below the panels.   The price then made sense!

Here are Mounsey electricians David Hewitt (left) and Kevin Robinson making a start on the aluminium bearers which will support the panels.   The weather is fffreezing but it is dry and they are putting on brave smiles.
 Kev in more serious mode drilling into the roof for one of the massive fixing bolts.   "With those fixings the panels will be stronger than the roof" he says.
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