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Friday, 10 August 2012

The Arrival of the Summer House by Road and Air


for pictures of the summer house being lifted from its location at Wonder of Wood in Stainforth, arrival at the water tower and its amazing flight over the treetops to its landing pad.

Not shown is its eventful journey.   It would not fit under Ingfield bridge, by just two inches, despite the suspension of the low loader being lowered.   Brian Thornton, with help from police and colleagues had to reverse the mile or so from Ingfield Bridge to the by-pass roundabout - unable to see the back of his vehicle because of the load.   A remarkable operation.   Then up the by-pass, down Buckhaw Brow and through the middle of Settle, the police stopping oncoming traffic.   They were philosophical when they heard of the destination.   "Him again eh?"

Towards the crane's limit of weight/ reach ratio the two ton structure was expertly landed safely.   What an achievement.   

I congratulated Brian Thornton and shook his hand.   It was the third time he had moved the structure and I remarked that he had profited from it over the years.   Whilst agreeing, he did remark that if it ever needed moving again, count him out!!!

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