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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Railway Heritage Awards

We have decided to withdraw from this year's Railway Heritage Awards for two reasons:

1.  there is still work to do here and the place should be on top form by this time in 2013
2.  the refurbished Appleby Station has been entered this year and it is thoroughly bad form for there to be two competing entries from the Settle-Carlisle Line

Today we had a formal visit from award judge Robin Leleux, with his wife Rita.   We were able to assimilate Robin's great experience of these things on a beautiful sunlit day - very rare this year!   We had worked hard to prepare for his visit but the effort has not been wasted.   We have cleared the decks, of wood especially, and the place looks absolutely stunning .   A good start for the Heritage Open Days from 6 to 9th September.   Photographs when the lighting is next good.

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