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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Garage roof completed

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After just two days of monumentally hard work by Peter Bennett and me the roof of the garage block is finished.   It has transformed from looking like the remains of a beached whale to something resembling a building.   Note Peter working in what will be the workshop in the top left picture; this gives an idea of scale.   The neighbouring industrial unit is totally hidden, which was part of the idea when planning this building.   For a pair of amateurs who have never done any roofing before we are quite chuffed with our efforts.   Extremely heavy showers kept interrupting the roofing work - but we always had shelter and not a drop came through.

There are four clear panels on the south side of the roof - hidden from view from the public faces of the structure but very useful from inside - see bottom left picture.

Until the walls are in place it looks a bit like a market hall from the middle ages.

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