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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Taking on water at Settle

The crew of this locomotive have found something of interest whilst they await the 'right away' on the down line at Settle - probably in the early 1960s.   The water crane, supplied from the water tower, dominates the foreground.   Less obvious is the brazier with its long chimney, to the left of the water crane.   This was to prevent the water from freezing in winter.Posted by PicasaNote also the lack of line-side trees enabling a good view of the hills.   Trees and other vegetation were in those days kept in check to prevent line-side fires caused by flying cinders from steam locomotives.

This locomotive is Britannia Pacific 70002 Geoffrey Chaucer, built in March 1951 and withdrawn from service in January 1967.   A Carlisle engine, this magnificent express engine has been reduced to hauling a 'slow' - stopping at all stations - train to Carlisle by the time this picture was taken.

   Photo - Derek Soames collection

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