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Friday, 27 July 2012

Summer House preparations

We have until 8th August to prepare for the arrival of the summer house.   The wooden pegs set out on the top of the embankment show the footprint of the 3.6m square structure.   We must leave a metre gap between it and the boundary wall and fences.   This is OK at the rear of the summer house - by the fence - but to the left by the dry stone wall things are tight.   If we leave a metre gap the opposite wall of the summer house would overhang the top of the embankment.   A phone call to Building Inspector Mike Nuttall resolved the problem.   The metre gap is intended to be a fire break where wooden buildings are close to boundaries.   We can measure our metre from the centre line of the dry stone wall and still satisfy that need.   This enables us to set the building squarely onto the level top of the embankment.   We shall need to create a pathway alongside the building but this can be achieved either by digging into the top of the embankment, or by a cantilevered walkway out from the summer house floor joists.   We need to see how best to tackle this after August 8th

Meanwhile the grass seed sown on the embankment has really flourished during this the wettest summer on record:

The stunning view of Pen y Ghent from what will be the summer house.
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