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Friday, 27 July 2012

Shedding light on the shed

The big shed is progressing well.   Another Settle rumour has emerged - that it is a film set for a western - 'Hang 'em High'.

These are the five roof trusses now ready to be craned into place.   The wooden blocks are the supports for the purlins.   The truss nearest the camera is being used as the pattern for the gable end trusses, which will be  in position in a couple of days time.

The size of the shed can be judged by comparison with the cars and with the stairs leading to the main door of the tower.

This amazing piece of kit has enabled me to cut very accurate joints.   It is a Sears radial arm saw of industrial strength.   We bought it with The Folly but it had no manual with it.   I Googled it and got a flashing screen warning.   If you have one of these DO NOT Use It!!!! and notify us.   People had lost fingers, hands and arms using this item.   I filled in the form on the screen and, no questions asked, a huge crate of spare parts arrived from the USA by air freight, free of charge - even though I was not the first owner by a long way.   Anyway, it is safe to use and is hugely useful.

Another useful bit of kit is this pillar drill.   Handy when pre-drilling two vertical holes in 98 blocks of wood for the purlins.
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